Resulting from a blend of energizing beats and fragmented harmonies, K-AT delivers his own vision of retro-wave and french-touch. This electro vibe, rides the paths of dance music with funk and disco traits cleverly intertwined and generating now polychromatic, now multi-layered images. K-AT project has been already premiered in various clubs in Italy and Malta, having the crowds dancing, chilling and finishing their evenings in style.

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John Clouds is a 33 years old producer from Italy. His music is a mix of sounds and progressions that takes inspiration from a mixture of house, electro house, progressive house, techno and also from smoother ambient-electro textures. The production of John Clouds doesn’t include only energetic beats; in fact among his tracks, it is possible to find more colorful, calm and harmonic atmospheres that can be defined as storytelling music: a trip into the producer’s mind and feelings.

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