Senhalte is a swarm of particles, coming from etherogeneous celestial objects and converging without stopping, towards the same direction

Senhalte Productions is a project conceived and created in 2020 by italian electronic musician and composer Paolo Gatti. The foundation of Senhalte, is the concept of music as an expressive path of the artist, in which he can play with the forms, taming the state of the art technologies to his will and creating compositional structures by his personal “visionary”.
Senhalte wants to gather a unique selection of original productions, in which the musical coherence legitimates the use of varied rhythmical patterns, particular harmonic / melodic combinations, specific timbrical solutions and innovative modes of accessing music. Last but not least, Senhalte would like to highlight the importance of musical language as a sharing experience. The aim of Senhalte is to offer a guided path through the mistery and humanity that lie behind each work of art. Last but not least Senhalte wants to lower the distance between different genres of music, bringing out also the similarities that occur between art and popular music with particular reference to the compositional methods.

Senhalte Productions is divided into three Sections:

Senhalte Beats ( managed by Paolo Gatti )

Senhalte Classics ( managed by Stefano Petrarca and Paolo Gatti )

Senhalte Structures ( managed by Paolo Gatti )

09/05/2020:your lucky number 9 will keep your future fine.
The Journey of Senhalte has begun..